New Bike Share Program Comes to Conway

CONWAY, Ark.- A bike share program the first of it’s kind has pedaled its way to Conway and people seem to love the convenience and health benefits of it.

When it’s not a running day, Jamille Rogers, opts for a bike.

“Just a great tool to use to be able to see our beautiful city and just to hang out with friends,” said Rogers.

With now only a few months into the new bike share program, people are holding onto the handlebars and enjoying the trip.

“Grab one and ride and when you get to your destination you can just dock it at that station,” Rogers said.

The city of Conway and Baptist Health teamed up to provide , Zagster, which helps to make the process simple.

Rogers says it’s great for people like her who don’t want to invest in a bike.

“It doesn’t require a bike rack or having all the equipment I need to go on a long bike ride, it’s just something that’s quick and easy.”

There are currently 5 stations located across Conway.

Jack Branscum designed where they would be, some downtown and others near bike trails.

“We’ve had over 1,100 trips, over 1,100 riders,” said Branscum, a civil engineer. “The bikes are constantly being used.”

Many people also use Zagster for the added health benefits.

“All across the country, you’re seeing a focus on healthly living, healthy lifestyle and I was very proud that conway is embracing that with this bike share,” Bransum said.

From the college community, to the retirement community, various people are utilizing the system.

Branscum says it’s a big hit with the dating community too.

Zagster is $2 an hour to rent a bike, with several different memberships you can choose from.

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