Haven House Receives Check from Conway Christian

Haven House Executive Director Marti Jones, left, accepts a check for more than $500 from Conway Christian Schools President Jason Carson. (Hilary Andrews, staff photo)

Conway Christian President Jason Carson presented a check for more than $500 to Haven House Executive Director Marti Jones on Tuesday.

“We are a residential group home for adolescent girls in foster care,” Jones said. “All the girls that come to live at Haven have been removed from their home by DHS [Department of Human Services] and they live with us.”

Haven House, she said, has 12 girls at a time living in the shelter, around 100 girls throughout the year.

Jones said the nonprofit has been in Conway for about 30 years. Part of Counseling Associates Inc., she said the girls — in addition to the live-in services — receive therapy to help them through the trauma and abuse they have encountered which led them to Haven House.

Jones said they are extremely grateful for the generous donation.

“One of my favorite things in the world is to see kids helping kids,” she said. “I think it’s a really great thing and I think when you can teach a child to invest in somebody other than themselves at that age, it sticks with them forever.”

Carson said the school listens to parents, who are out in the community, often. So when someone brought the idea to serve Haven House to their attention, they jumped on it.

“We felt like it was a no brainer for us,” he said.

Carson said for him personally, his family is involved in the foster care system — he said Gov. Asa Hutchinson has done a great job of promoting the need of in the state of Arkansas — and helping a nonprofit that needed it was one reason Conway Christian donated the money.

“As people of faith, God’s very clear on helping the widows and the least of these so we felt like we wanted our kids to learn that lesson as well,” he said.

Organizations like Haven House and Soaring Wings Ranch, which also serves children who are abused, abandoned, neglected or in need of a family-support structure, Carson said, make the community a better place.

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New Exit in Conway Hopes to Alleviate Traffic, Make Commutes Shorter

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) — We’ve got great news for all of you Conway commuters. The southern interchange is officially open as of Wednesday!

Baker Wills Parkway should, hopefully, alleviate a lot of traffic congestion in the area. It was an idea birthed in 1994 for Conway under Mayor David Kinley and his city council. Now officially known as exit 132, Little Rock, Maumelle, and even Mayflower commuters won’t have to drive bumper to bumper all the way into Conway.

“I have a buddy whose wife commutes to Little Rock every day. He’s been on me for the last week, asking when are going to open. They’re both really excited,” said Mayor Bart Castleberry.

For the first time in history, getting to Conway from Little Rock is faster than ever before.

“This is a $36 million-dollar project,” said CEO of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, Brad Lacy.

The new Baker Wills Parkway puts Conway residents within 20 miles of the I-430 Cantrell Interchange in West Little Rock.


“Around 2009 was where the rubber met the road,” Lacy added.

This is a 20 plus year idea for Faulkner County.

“It seems like a long time coming in some ways, but in other ways it seems like it was just yesterday that we began working on this,” said Robbie Wills, former Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

It’s a positive for the city and a bonus for its residents. Exit 132 was created to assist with ongoing traffic concerns, but that’s not all.

“It was really targeted at helping to create jobs in this part of the state and having better access to the interstate for Conway and Faulkner County,” Wills said.

Some may ask, why add more highways to an area that already has so much construction going on? The community’s continued economic development and expansion is unstoppable.

“We see no end to our growth, we’re investing in infrastructure projects. And there was significant public investment on the city side,” said Lacy.

During the planning phase, the city held several public input meetings.

“The biggest complaints I hear about Conway and our traffic is the volume of traffic, and of course our streets in general,” Castleberry said.

There were four routes to choose from and this one was selected.

“People who live in Little Rock, and work in Conway in our Technology Park, will be able to get to and from work quicker,” said Wills.

Mayor Castleberry said there should be some other traffic relief areas opening within the next 90 days. Lots of residents are already expressing excitement about this new interchange on social media. Some hassles are well worth the wait.

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Zaza’s Brunch Lands in Conway and Little Rock

Conway’s dining options are expanding slowly, but surely. But with the temporary closing of Stoby’s for rebuilding, we’ve been left with virtually no options for a proper Sunday brunch. Cue Zaza’s Pizza and Salad, one of Central Arkansas’ favorites for pizza and salads with fresh, local ingredients. In January, all three locations in Little Rock and Conway began serving brunch. At first I thought, “Brunch pizza? I don’t know about that.” Now I say to myself, “Oh ye of little faith.”

Menu items include their usual pizza and salad options for those seeking something on the lunch end of the spectrum, but there are also brunch pizzas available on Sundays, along with eggs Benedict, chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy (about $8.50), and plain old Belgian waffles—if waffles with berries and whipped cream can be called “plain.”

I walked up to the counter intent on ordering chicken and waffles, yet “Biscuits and gravy, add fried chicken” is what came out of my mouth. In Conway, Zaza’s has partnered with Blue Sail Coffee, so I grabbed a mug at the counter and filled my bottomless cup. My friend went with the Petit Jean Salad, a classic choice covered with beautiful cherry tomatoes and some of the best ham around.

It was only minutes before my plate arrived at our table, and upon first bite, joy filled my soul. Biscuits and gravy come with two perfectly-cooked over-medium eggs, though I took those home for later. The scratch-made gravy was flavorful and just very lightly peppery, while the biscuits were hearty and oh-so-complementary of the fried chicken. The fried chicken was also all it’s cracked up to be, fresh, with just my kind of batter. I can’t wait to try it with a waffle next time.

And the waffles! I saw them being delivered to other tables and they were giant, decadent works of art, thick, and covered with lovely whipped cream and fresh berries.

As usual, Yellow Rocket Concepts has a hit on their hands. In truth, they’ve made many of my dreams have come true with the addition of brunch to Zaza’s offerings. Aside from their excellent food menu, the addition of coffee and $15 mimosa buckets is a Conway Sunday morning game changer.

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Get Advanced Skin Care In Conway, Ar.

For those planning a visit to Conway, Arkansas, or perhaps even planning to move there, will be delighted that there are plenty of things to do in this small city that is a bit off the beaten track. If some of the family are into sports and others into the Performing Arts, then the whole family will have plenty to do in Conway. Some of the events that are available are completely free while others have a small fee for a ticket.

There’s plenty of dining for any palate. If someone loves southern cooking, or they want an expensive Italian restaurant, they’ll find it in Conway. Just like in any city you will, of course, find a variety of fast food restaurants as well. Conway is known as the ‘City Of Colleges’ and for this reason, you can be sure that there are plenty of college-related activities in the area.

Advanced Skin Care Is Now Not Just In The Big City

Very often most people will think that the greatest technologies are only available in big cities. And yet Conway has one of the most advanced skin care treatment salons available in the US. The Conway, Arkansas Microdermabrasion Salon is as good as it gets. Miss Isom heads up the center and is regarded by many as an icon in the skin care industry. Many doctors throughout the state recommend their patients go to her salon in Conway, Arkansas when they need microdermabrasion treatment.

What Else Is There To Do In Conway Arkansas?

The area has a lot of natural beauty and that makes it a great place for outdoor adventures. Anyone who enjoys water sports including swimming or boating or fishing as well as hiking or going on picnics and camping, this area has lots to offer. For those that are into shopping, they will find not only many great shops in the city but also with Interstate 40 close by they have access to almost anything they can imagine within minutes.

Eat it, Conway: The Dive

Review No. 56: The Dive

305 Oak Street

(501) 328-3483

31.3 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants

The Situation

She Said: We generally try to give restaurants more time after opening before reviewing them. That’s just fair; the only way it seems to learn how to restaurant is to actually restaurant: to get a handle on customer flow, get food to diners, manage front and back of house, etc. But we were seeing on our social media that our friends were checking in here, and so we thought we’d go before everyone else did and formed their own opinions. We took my 91-year-old mother to lunch there on a Wednesday within their first week. I thought seriously about shelving this review and going back in a month, but then I decided that The Dive is open and this was our experience, so it is worth sharing; however, this needs to be read with the restaurant’s situation in mind.

He Said: They’ve been open for about a week, and there are a couple of other restaurants (Mosaique, On the Border) that we’ve reviewed at about that point, so it seems a legitimate time to review them.


She Said: I really like the interior and the atmosphere of The Dive. As you enter, the hostess station is right there next to the bar. There are some two-tops and high tables in the bar area, and then four-tops and six-tops along the walls going to the back of the restaurant. The dark wood and deep orange/red are soothing and contribute to a relaxed vibe. I sat opposite the “map” of the cow, outlining where each piece of meat comes from, and I was oddly captivated by it. I also thought it was nice that the hostess complimented my dress when we walked in. That never hurts my mood! Absolutely everyone was friendly to us.

He Said: Yeah, Jones, you can never trust that dress compliment thing from a sales clerk or wait staff. Only a complete stranger with no conceivable self-interest can be trusted in that case. But I agree it’s a pretty comfortable setting, and I too was mesmerized by the cow map, and the pig map next to it. I also liked the flying pigs design on the doors when we entered, which I found a bit ironic later on. The seats could be more comfortable if they had some padding to them, especially if you end up sitting in them for a long time.

She Said: That there is what you English profs call “foreshadowing,” Ruud.

My Mom: I thought it was interesting, and good for the type of restaurant it was, the pictures, etc.


She Said: As a recent convert to the glories of the gin and tonic as the perfect summer cocktail, that’s what I chose, even though they have a number of specialty cocktails on the menu as well as beer and wine. I wasn’t asked for my choice of gin (Hendricks! Always!), but my cocktail was good with the right ratio of gin and mixer. I sipped it for a long time (more foreshadowing!), and it went down well. I went with water after it was gone.

He Said: I opted for unsweetened iced tea, which was not on the menu (no nonalcoholic drinks were), but which they brought me anyway, in a large Mason jar. Now typically when one orders tea in a restaurant, they bring a little selection of sweeteners to the table, some artificial, some bags of sugar. They did not do so here, and on one of her several passes by the table, I asked our server for some kind of sweetener. She apparently thought I had said “Sweet’N Low,” because she brought back a couple of bags of artificial sweetener, saying they didn’t have any Sweet’N Low but they had those instead. I apologized for not being clearer and said what I really would prefer was some sugar. She ultimately returned with a little cup full of sugar, saying they had no sugar in bags. It was fine, and they seemed to go through a lot of trouble to get that sugar out to me, but it did seem to be a strange oversight for a restaurant not to have bags of sugar. I mean, do they not sell coffee?

My Mom: The water was water.


She Said: For some reason, I had the idea that this was a charcuterie place, with plates of meats and cheeses, etc., but it’s got a well edited, and yet diverse menu. I had a lot of trouble choosing among the house sandwiches, salads, “CYO” create-your-own sandwiches and paninis, barbecue and smoked-meat plate meals, and all the options among those categories. I was tempted by the cheese-burger (hold the cheese, please, because no hamburger is on the menu) and the strawberry-turkey-brie panini. Of course, the pulled pork sandwich was high on my list, as well. What sounded the best to me when the time came to order was the sweet-tea-fried-chicken sandwich.

I’m not sure what this means… is the chicken marinated in sweet tea? Is sweet tea in the breading? Whatever the method, this is the best fried chicken sandwich I can remember eating in my life. The chicken was very tender and flavorful, and the breading was light and tasty without being heavy and greasy, which often happens in such sandwiches. Now, part of that assessment may be that I was very hungry by the time it came (see below), but I don’t think so. I’m going to dream of this sandwich. This chicken sandwich will sing a siren song to me every time I drive by The Dive. This chicken sandwich will be high on my list anytime I give myself permission to eat whatever I want. I mean: This chicken sandwich, y’all.

I hope I’ve made my point. The sandwich comes with jalapeno-cheddar-corn slaw, which I asked for on the side because these three additions to cole slaw are three things I do not like. I should have asked if they had regular slaw instead, but I put a little mayo on my sandwich, as without the slaw, it came naked. If I can think of only one thing to improve it, I would suggest a better quality of bun, something whole grain, but this bun was buttery and tasty overall. The fries accompanying the sandwich were thin and crispy and went well with the meal. I inhaled the chicken and ate most of the fries, though I got full before they were all gone.

He Said: The menu looks mostly like that of a barbecue place, with a lot of smoked meats, but with some additional variety included. I should mention that during the first several days The Dive was open they had a separate lunch menu and a full dinner menu that began at 4 p.m. That does not seem to have been working for them, so as of the day we arrived for lunch, the full menu was available all day. So, I ordered from the dinner menu, which instructed me to “pick 1 meat and 2 sides to make you a plate.” So I picked the smoked turkey, the mashed potatoes and the green beans to make me a plate. I also ordered some “Arkansas red” sauce on the side to liven up the turkey a bit.

When the food came, the turkey was tender white meat with a nice smoked flavor, and the red sauce was very tangy with a bit of fruity sweetness to it. I’d certainly have it again if I went back. The mashed potatoes were not bad, made with a bit of pepper, though they were not very warm when they came out, and I was a bit surprised there was no gravy, nor anything on the menu that seemed to suggest gravy as an option. The green beans were very good. They did include bacon, which because of my low-fat issues I couldn’t eat, but would probably have been delicious for anybody else. The beans seemed to have a maple hint to them—perhaps it was from the bacon—that gave them a surprising and delicious flavor. So I guess I’d say the sides were hit and miss.

My Mom: I had the half-and-half, half a salad and a cup of soup. The soup of the day was tomato, and it could have been warmer, but it tasted good. The salad was a chicken and strawberry salad, which had a lot of chicken, some strawberries and a lot of regular, just-plain lettuce. A lot. It tasted good, and it had plenty of chicken. I ate all the chicken and all the strawberries, but I didn’t eat all the lettuce.


She Said: The service was friendly and personable but problematic in one key way, especially for lunchers: We didn’t get our food for more than an hour after we were seated. Drinks were delivered promptly, our order was taken in a reasonable amount of time, but if we were people with strict lunch hours, we’d have had to leave hungry. At first, when a waitress would round the corner of the bar with plates of food, I’d sit up, thinking it was for us. But as the hour-plus wore on, I started getting crabbier and crabbier as the plates kept going by us to other tables. Then, I started to think it was never going to come, that someone would come to us and tell us that they were out of food, or out of what we ordered. Our waitress checked on us and told us we were up next, but then we’d see someone else get their food. Then the waitress told us it had been so long, they were not going to charge us for our meals. More minutes ticked by and the hostess stopped by to tell us our entire check was on the house because we had waited so long, and then, after a few more minutes, when I had completely given up on eating at The Dive and thinking how conveniently Taco Bell was located to where we had parked, our plates arrived. And then fried-chicken-sandwich deliciousness ensued (see above).

But I am willing to give The Dive another try because the food and drinks were tasty, because I liked the atmosphere and friendly staff and because I broke my own rule about how soon to review a restaurant. But the main reason I will keep this place on my short-list of yummy places to eat is because of how the staff handled our unnatural wait: We never complained; we didn’t even ask about the food or when it was coming. The staffers knew it was taking too long, and they made the decision without our urging to comp our meal. That’s why I give them a pass as a new restaurant.

But, if I go back in a month or two, and it happens again, that will not play well in the Ruud and Jones household.

He Said: Yes, I began to suspect that the winged pigs that decorated the doors as we entered were a sign that we could get our food when pigs fly. We had decided prior to this review that it would be a good idea to begin including “in and out” times in our reviews as a guide to lunchers on a tight schedule, and as you see below, we were seated at 11:45 and received our food at 12:50. Sadly, there were others in the restaurant who were having similar experiences.

Yet I agree with Jones that, when our server finally did come to our table, brush the cobwebs off us and give us our meals, they were pretty good in the end. I do have to say that in spite of all, the service was friendly and the problems, we hope, will eventually work themselves out. If they do not, we probably will not have the chance to go back, since it’s hard to see The Dive staying open if they keep having to provide free meals.

Elapsed Time from Entry to Food Arrival: 65 minutes after being seated immediately.

What We Got and What We Paid: As you know, dear reader, we did not pay for our meal, given the circumstances of our visit, but the prices listed on the menu include: sweet-tea-fried-chicken sandwich: $8; half salad and half sandwich: $8; smoked turkey plate: $14. G&T and sweet tea prices: unknown. So, the total bill would probably have been around $40 for the three of us.


She Said: Delicious food in a pleasant environment with friendly service, but I’ll wait to try them again so they have more time to get their food-delivery-time act together.

He Said: I’ll be glad to go back in a month or so and try them again. If you are planning to try them soon, you might want to go at an off-hour, say 2 p.m. or something like that, when there isn’t a big crowd, and be sure you have some time to sit.

My Mom: I kept looking at my watch, but it helped a little that the waitress acknowledged our situation.

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for a tasty, unique restaurant experience in Conway, but be cautious for now if you’re in a hurry, and easy going if you’re not.

Editor’s Note: Eat It, Conway is produced by local author Jay Ruud and his wife (poet and novelist Stacey Margaret Jones). The couple has begun an attempt to eat at and review, every restaurant in Conway, Arkansas. The Log Cabin Democrat and thecabin.net are publishing Eat It, Conway with permission from the authors. Visit them online at jayruud.com and on Facebook at Eat It, Conway. In addition to restaurant reviews, Ruud authors movie reviews on the site.

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George Conway, Kellyanne’s Husband, Is the Man at the Center of Everything

Drew Angerer, Getty Images file George Conway stands while his wife, Kellyanne Conway, speaks to reporters as they arrive at Union Station for a dinner for campaign donors on Jan. 19, 2017 in Washington. DC.

By Ben Terris, The Washington Post

If it weren’t for George Conway, the nation might never have met Monica Lewinsky, and Donald Trump might never have met Kellyanne.

In the 1990s, George was a quiet but critical presence in what Hillary Clinton would dub the vast right-wing conspiracy – a hotshot young attorney working to undermine President Bill Clinton by offering secret legal aid to his accusers and reportedly funnelling salacious details to the Drudge Report. “This one disgruntled New York lawyer almost single-handedly brought down the president,” David Brock, the conservative provocateur-turned-Clinton-acolyte, later wrote.

Years later, George would marry Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, a publicity-prone Beltway pollster and move with her to an apartment in Manhattan’s Trump World Tower. There, he caught the future president’s attention by arguing to the condo board against stripping Trump’s name from the exterior. The speech earned him an appreciative call from the mogul and an offer to join the board. He declined, but Kellyanne said she’d do it.

“My laziness led to her to meet Donald Trump,” he said in a recent interview.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images fileGeorge T. Conway III, husband of White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, attends the 139th Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House on April 17, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Kellyanne would go on to become Trump’s campaign manager in the crucial final months of the race and one of his top White House aides. And now President Trump, according to sources who would know, has asked George to run the Justice Department’s civil division. Pending Senate approval, he would become one of the administration’s top lawyers, tasked with guarding the president and his policies from legal challenges.

It’s a big job. Already Trump has had two major executive orders – one potentially cutting off federal funding from sanctuary cities, another banning entry to the United States from predominantly Muslim countries – blocked by the courts. Then there are the investigations into his ties to Russia and the turmoil surrounding his decision to fire FBI Director James B. Comey. Not since the Clinton administration has the term “impeachment” been bandied about so much.

Back then, George helped sow the chaos.

Now, he’s coming to Washington to try to put things back together.

There is no photo of George Conway in his high school yearbook. His name is listed near the end, under a section marked “Camera Shy.”

Thirty-seven years after graduating from Marlborough High School in Massachusetts, it’s still a fitting description for a man who likes to operate behind the scenes. The son of a nurse from the Philippines and a defense contractor for Raytheon, Conway was a whip-smart kid who graduated from Harvard at 20 and presided over the conservative Federalist Society at Yale Law

He took a job at the prestigious New York firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, earning a spot as a million-dollar-a-year partner by his mid-thirties. That’s when he was approached by lawyers representing Paula Jones – a former Arkansas state employee who was suing President Clinton for sexual harassment.

No fan of Bill Clinton, George leapt at the opportunity to work against him – but insisted he do so in secret, as his heavily Democratic firm (Bernard Nussbaum, Bill Clinton’s first White House counsel, was a partner) would likely not approve.

His unpaid work – research, legal briefs, and organizing moot courts for the team to practice their arguments – had him working alongside fellow GOP lawyers Ann Coulter, the future arch-conservative pundit, and Jerome Marcus, a veteran of Ronald Reagan’s State Department. Coulter offered a nickname for their clique of off-the-books workers: “the Elves.” And they had a mischievous side. When it appeared as though Bill Clinton and Jones might settle out of court, Conway and Coulter were determined to prevent that. “It was contrary to our purpose of bringing down the president,” she later told the journalist Michael Isikoff.

So to keep the story alive, they started leaking.

“The distinguishing physical characteristic that Paula Jones says she believes she saw is that Clinton’s penis is curved when erect,” George wrote in an email to Matt Drudge, according to “The Hunting of the President,” by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason. “If she is correct, then Clinton has a urological condition called Peyronie’s disease.”

The tip was in clear violation of a gag order covering all attorneys in the Jones case. It was also never corroborated. But according to Coulter, that was never the point. It would “humiliate the president,” Coulter told Isikoff – and keep him from settling, she reasoned.

George says now he has no recollection of sending emails to Drudge and denies he was “out to get” the president.

“The notion that it was some sort of long-term conspiracy to destroy Bill Clinton is ludicrious,” he said. “It was mystifying to me that they never settled.”

But they didn’t. And as the case proceeded, the president’s sexual escapades became public record, and Monica Lewinsky became a household name.

“If you told me in 1994 that this would lead to the impeachment of the president, I would have said you are a certifiable lunatic,” he said. “It was just a civil case. It was popgun. It was nothing, and nobody took it seriously.”

Throughout the 1990s, George stayed on the case, but he remained under the radar. He helped set up Lewinsky confidante Linda Tripp with a lawyer when she decided to bring her information forward, according to a New York Times report in 1999. When Tripp’s pal Lucianne Goldberg, a literary agent and conservative gadfly, wanted that story to go public, she says Conway helped get her “bombshell” to Drudge. He denies these accounts.

“George is somebody who likes to be in the mix, where the action is,” said David Lat, the founder of the blog AboveTheLaw.com and friend of Conway’s from his days working at Wachtell. “He is willing to upset convention or do things that might be unexpected.”

On this, George agrees.

“I have contrarian tendencies,” he said.

He grew up near Boston but became a Yankees fan. His mother handed out leaflets for George McGovern, but he fell for Reagan after reading Milton Friedman in high school.

But for all his political enthusiasms, he never let them take over his life. He’s worked at the same law firm for almost 30 years, focused on the needs of tobacco companies and other corporations.

“It’s not so much about red or blue there, but about green,” said Lat.

Lat, who considers himself a political centrist, is one of many who will cross the aisle to praise George as funny, generous and brilliant.

“He is an absolute joy to be around,” said Lisa Blatt, a D.C. lawyer who used to work with George and just happens to be a supporter of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“George was already an outspoken conservative when I met him in law school,” said David Wecht, an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and a Democrat. “But he was always willing to debate, always receptive to other arguments. My most delightful exchanges in law school were probably debating him at Federalist Society meetings.”

He had friends everywhere, but it took time for George – pudgy, soft-spoken and borderline shy – to find love. Not that he didn’t have a type. He became friends with Laura Ingraham, often inviting her to the ski slopes or the beach. And while nothing ever happened between him and Coulter, she was responsible for him meeting the other blonde Republican It Girl who would become his wife.

He was familiar with Kellyanne from her television pundistry spots. But inspiration struck one day in the late 1990s when he spotted her on the cover of a society magazine. He called Coulter and asked for an introduction.

He courted her with trips to his Hamptons beach rental and tickets to baseball playoffs. And at some point, Kellyanne remembers telling a friend: “I find that his near-constant presence doesn’t annoy me.”

Their wedding, at Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia was a decadent affair. The cake was so big it had to be cut into pieces to fit in the door.

“It was the biggest, fanciest wedding I’ve ever been to in my entire life,” Goldberg recalled. “All seven of the members of the right-wing conspiracy were there. The rest were just Republicans.”

The years that followed were relatively quiet, as they raised four children and made a lot of money. Kellyanne’s polling work (she commuted between Washington and New York) and occasional TV appearances made her famous for Washington, but nothing like what would happen after Trump came calling.

“I remember going on Google after she was announced as campaign manager,” said George, “And seeing her name was the most-searched term in the country. I knew right then our lives would never be quite the same.”

He turned to security consultants to keep her and the family safe. They watched the “Saturday Night Live” impersonations for a while – they all found “Kellyanne’s Day Off” to be “hysterical” – but pretty much stopped watching when it started to seem mean. He took on the role of “Mr. Mom,” watching over the kids more with his wife gone so often. And he regrets nothing.

“I couldn’t have done this without him,” Kellyanne said.

George spent election night nervously watching returns with his wife’s team at the midtown Manhattan Hilton. When the networks called it for Trump, he couldn’t hold back his pride. Tears streamed down his face, and he shouted to anyone who would listen: “She did it! She did it! She made history.”

Said Kellyanne: “He’s always been the more emotional one.”

Now it’s George’s turn to move to Washington. There has been no official nomination announcement, but the Conways hope to close this month on an $8 million home in the District; George and the kids will move down when the school year ends.

Conway’s appeal to the president seems clear: not only one of the best civil litigators in the country, but also a man who’s fought to keep the Trump name emblazoned on the skyline and to have Bill Clinton’s dragged through the mud. He would arrive to the administration at a time when Democrats are raising alarm bells about executive overreach and even some Republicans are growing uneasy about Trump’s brazen dismissal of FBI concerns that his campaign may have illegally colluded with Russia. Some people have even raised the specter of Richard Nixon, who famously proclaimed that, “when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

But that’s not true, and Conway understands this better than most. Before he was Trump’s hire, before he was Kellyanne’s husband, even before he was a right-wing co-conspirator, he was a lawyer who caught the eye of some Jones allies with a column in the Los Angeles Times. The essay methodically dismembered Bill Clinton’s argument at the time that presidents should be considered immune from litigation that could distract from their official duties.

The title?

“No Man in This Country … Is Above the Law.”

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Toad Suck Daze Taking over Conway

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) — We are in the middle of one of Arkansas’ most-recognized spring festivals.

“Toad Suck Daze” continues Saturday and Sunday in Conway.

It has a full slate of fun activities. Saturday night features a trip back to the hairspray and spandex days from the 1980s.

There’s a tripleheader of hair band performers with Kip Winger, members of Great White, and Dokken set to hit the main stage beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Toad Suck Daze will be open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Sunday.

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Sports Roundup: Cbc Baseball, Uca Tennis, Conway Baseball and Hendrix Basbeball

The Conway Christian baseball team defeated Pangburn, 12-4, Thursday to win the 2A district tournament at Pangburn, gaining a No. 1 seed for the 2A West Central regional tournament next week at Pangburn.

Central Baptist College’s baseball team needed one win to clinch the final spot in the American Midwest Conference tournament and got two Thursday.

The Mustangs (28-22, 18-14 AMC) swept Williams Baptist in a doubleheader Thursday, 5-3 and 11-1.

In the opening game, CBC’s Brian Moreno limited the Eagles to six hits and struck out 11. Aaron Kincaid got the save.

Monterio May was 3 for 3 for CBC. Ben Madison and Josh Hibbard had two hits.

In the second game, Madison hurled a two-hitter and struck out 10.

Jalin Lawson was 4 for 4 with five RBI. May was 2 for 3 with three RBI. Percy Arnold had two hits and scored twice.

UCA will play a single game Saturday against Williams Baptist to end the regular season, then will participate in the AMC championship next weekend at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tenn.

UCA tennis

The University of Central Arkansas tennis team advanced to the semifinals of the Southland Conference tournament Friday with a 4-2 victory over Northwestern State at Beaumont, Texas.

Marli Van Heerden and Amiru Shimoguchi dispatched Kateryna Avram and Vladislava Litvinova, 6-1, at No. 3 doubles and Rada Manataweewat and QiLi Ma then secured the doubles points, rallying for a 7-5 win to push their season record to 20-2 on the year. Shimouchi, Pornpawee Pramethong and Van Heerden won singles matches.

Central Arkansas moves on to the semifinals of the SLC Tournament against second-seeded Lamar Saturday. The Sugar Bears and Cardinals will take to the court at 2:00 PM, with the winner advancing to Sunday’s championship match, which is also set for a 2:00 PM start.

Conway baseball/softball

Conway’s baseball team (15-7, 8-4) used an 11-hit attack Thursday on the way to a 12-3 victory over Little Rock Central (1-11, 2-21) at Little Rock.

Cade Tucker, Parker New and Nick Stillwell combined for a six-hitter. Central committed four errors.

Jordan Wicks was 3 for 4 with two RBI. McCall Dail had two hits, drove in three runs and scored three. Parker Gavazzi was 2 for 4, scored two runs and drove in two. Connor Cahill had two hits. Denton Haze and Andrew Hreha had two RBI.

Conway (17-11, 7-5) also won the softball game, 13-3.

The Lady Cats scored in the first and six in the fifth.

Hendrix baseball

In the first round of the Southern Athletic Association’s West Division baseball tournament at Memphis, Hendrix defeated Millsaps, 8-4.

The Warriors moved to a second round game Saturday morning against host Rhodes.

Taylor Barker, Connor Nelson and Harley Faye scattered nine hits.

Matthew Lillard scored three runs, hit a home run and drove in three. Jorge Leon had two hits and scored three runs. Wyatt Hogan scored twice and had two RBI.

What to Expect from Home Bancshares Inc (Conway Ar)’s (Homb) Earnings over the Next Year?

Home Bancshares Inc (Conway AR) (NASDAQ:HOMB)’s business is predicted to grow 6.9% during the next year. What should potential investors be aware of? Today I will look at the latest data and investigate into the future of this stock in more detail.

How is HOMB going to perform in the future?

Based on analysts estimates HOMB’s earnings are to grow 33% over the next 3 years. That means that we can be expecting the EPS to grow to $1.74 levels.

Home Bancshares (Conway AR) (NasdaqGS:HOMB) Past Future Earnings Apr 20th 17

This means earnings will be surpassing that seen in recent earnings updates.

In the same period revenue is expected to increase from $474 Million to $794 Million in 2019 and profit is predicted to rise from $177 Million to $294 Million in 2019, roughly growing 1.7x. Margins are expected to be extremely healthy during this time as well.

Is there basis for future growth?

Home Bancshares (Conway AR) has grown its earnings faster than the Banks industry average over the past year.

With Return on Equity of 14% Home Bancshares (Conway AR) has performed better than the Banks industry average of 9.3%, whilst shareholders would consider this acceptable no doubt they are hoping for an improvement in the coming years. This is expected to slightly improve with analysts expecting ROE in 3 years to be 11.5%.

Home Bancshares (Conway AR) (NasdaqGS:HOMB) Future Perf Apr 20th 17

Return on equity (ROE) is a measure of how much profit (net income) a company makes as a percentage of the shareholders equity. Equity is made up of funds from the original issuing of shares and any retained earnings from previous financial years. It varies considerably across sectors, for this reason it is important to asses a stocks ROE relative to its industry. Whilst it is true that the higher the ROE the better the company is performing, ROE does have a weakness. A stock with a disproportionate amount of debt can lead to a small equity base. Thus, a small amount of net income (the numerator) could still produce a high ROE off a modest equity base (the denominator). For this reason investors should always consider the debt situation in conjunction with ROE.

Final words

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A Couple Activities You Can Do in Conway Ar

If you have ever been to Little Rock in Arkansas before, you may have heard of a town called Conway. It is located north, close to the Arkansas River. It is a destination that you might want to visit, or even stay at, depending upon what you are looking for on your vacation. Here are a couple of businesses and activities that you can visit while you are in this beautiful city. It’s not as large as many of the others such as Fayetteville or Fort Smith, but you are definitely going to have a good time.

Jennifer’s Antiques

If you are into collecting antiques, you will definitely want to stop in at Jennifer’s Antiques. They are going to have some of the most unique items that you will find in the state of Arkansas. If you are a collector, or if you are just interested in some of the older items that they have available you will certainly find something that you like that you can purchase and bring with you back home.

Hogwild Family Fun Center

While you are staying in Conway, you need to stop in at the Hogwild Family Fun Center. It is a place where you can play miniature golf, try out bumper cars, and participate in many activities. There is a party section, snack bar, and they also have a gallery and see many photos and videos that will be interesting. If you have not been to Conway before, this is just a taste of the many different things that you can do. It’s a place where you can relax because it’s not a large city, but you will be busy with excellent activities that everyone in the family can do. Go ahead and plan your trip for Conway AR today.