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Things To Do When You Arrive In Conway Arkansas

If you have never visited Conway Arkansas before, you should consider going at some point in time. It’s a beautiful location that has many different activities. Located in Faulkner County, it has a population of about 65,000 people, and it is located very close to the University of Central Arkansas. If you have been to Little Rock before, you are probably driven through on your way to Fort Smith. If you have never been there, there are many activities that you can do. Here are a few of the best things that you can accomplish while you are there on a vacation as you tour through the state of Arkansas.

Cadron Settlement Park

This is a beautiful park that is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a place in history, part of the Cherokee Trail of Tears exhibits that you will see throughout the area. There are hiking trails, boat launching ramps, and parking areas. You and your kids can have fun running around in this beautiful area that has woods and lakes that are going to provide you with many activities.

Pickles Gap Village

This is a cute little area that has plenty of places to go shopping. It’s a historic place, a throwback to a calmer time in history. If you would like to explore, you could probably spend a few hours there and really feel like you have had a great time. It’s a fantastic place for people that just want to relax area

There are many other things to do in Conway Arkansas that you can do. If you happen to be spending a couple days in the area, you can do hiking, boating activities, and simply walk around to see this old-style city. If you are going to Arkansas soon, you ought to book a hotel there so that you will have very nice place to stay in this little-known area just outside of Little Rock.