Two Places That You Should Visit When You Go to Conway Ar

In the county seat of the county called Faulkner, there is a city called Conway. It is located in the state of Arkansas. It is a place that has many beautiful locations that you can visit that you may want to consider going to. It’s not just that you can do things in the city, but you can also participate in historic sites that will allow you to get some exercise. Let’s talk about a place called Cadron Settlement Park and why you should consider visiting this beautiful location and one other.

Cadron Settlement Park And Other Destinations

Cadron Settlement Park is a place that you will definitely be able to have fun at. You can bring your kids so they can play in this clever park that has waterspouts that come out of the ground. It is actually a national historic site, one that includes a Blockhouse restoration, and there are exhibits where you can see information about the Cherokee Trail of Tears. There are places that you can go hiking, and once you are done, you can bring the kids to Jack’s Ultra Sports Paintball & Lasertag. Both of these places will be fun for both adults and children, among the other activities that you can do in the beautiful city of Conway.

Book Your Trip Today

Once you book your trip to Conway, which is located north of Little Rock, adjacent to the Arkansas River, you will see why so many people enjoy this location. It’s a quiet place, one that you may actually like better than Little Rock, although it is only a short drive away. You can also find other activities that you can do which you can book at a discount while you are getting your flight online. Just make sure that you book in advance so that you can get the exact hotel that you want, with a very inexpensive flight, that is possible to obtain using the many travel sites on the web.